I taught in the Georgian Photography program from 2004 until April 2022.
served as program co-ordinator from 2008 to 2013 and will greatly miss teaching in this program.
I love teaching and seeing creative minds open to new learning and opportunities.

Image by Terry Hrynyk

Program Completion- A Devotion to Image Creation
“All good things must come to an end, in due season. But lest we dwell too much on sadness, let us pause and remember the good things that proceeded it” -(G. Chaucer-1374)
Let me start by expressing my personal sadness for the world of photographic education in Canada with the ending of the program here at Georgian College. This is one more institution, choosing not to deliver an important aspect of visual communication at a time when images have become so prevalent in our visual and social world.
I believe in the value and importance of educating our future generations of image makers. High quality images that communicate our past, our present and our future is critical to our society. Photography defines who we are, what we stand for and where we want to go. What a pleasure it has been to join with all of you in making a difference on this path.
In our program, over the years, the students have created some beautiful memories. We have inspired each other; we have created a history of empowerment and connection. I take such pride in our Grads. I watch with a full heart the adventures of the students that have moved through our lives. Over the years great friendships have been made in our classrooms. It is beautiful to see these relationships continue to mature and blossom.
We did not just deliver a photography program, we created a family with a common bond to deliver stories with heart, passion, and excellence. We got to know each other so well. How can you not do this when you are required to wear your heart on your sleeve to create? We were vulnerable with each other and it made us all stronger.
I want to thank the many contributors, the many photographic instructors and technicians. This includes Jason Hunter, Peter Stranks, Sara Parry, Steedan Crowe, Amy Bagshaw, Anna Snyder, Asher Sadeh, Ben McMillan, Charles van den Ouden, Chris Figgures, Colette Mesdag, Collen Weber, Cyndal Lorch, Jessica Rosati, Judith Gibson-Vick, Kara Tibbel, Paul Eekhoff, Samantha Parent, Sara Tennant, John Jacquemain, Susan Benoit, Tony Pickard, Kayla Brown, Rob Corrado, Steve Gilligan, Tom Strnad. These folks worked hard to deliver what they knew to the next generation of photographers. It was because of their devotion to photography that our Program was Award Winning.
Most folks do not know how much support we received through the contributors of those within the photographic industry which added to the quality of the Program. They sponsored events, volunteered as speakers, supplied prizes, lent us cameras and equipment, attended our Trade Shows, hired our students and added insightful value to our advisory committee.
This includes Mark from Nikon, Jim Anderson and Rod from B3K, Allen Rothwell, Morais Russell and Rob Skeoch from Sony, Bert Hoferichters, Craig Samuel S1, Dan Goulet, Neil Stephenson from Canon, Felix Russo, Trisha Gillings from Panasonic, Jennifer Klementti, Jerry Julien from Fuji, Keith Butler from Extreme Printing, Norma Markham, Dan Dionne from Vistek, Phil Nielsen, Jim Babbage from Adobe, Mark Dorlandt, Louise Booth from Henrys, The PPOC -Tanya and Neilson, Rick Bell and Sam Sciarrino.
I would also like to thank our supporting alumni, like Carolyn Gray, Bob Munroe, Bob Hurley, Jake Smith, Jason Ferber, Kim Annand, Kris Caetano, Tjalling Halberstma. Your giving hearts made a huge difference to our students.
And then there was the supporting team, Gay Ainsworth who always had our back, The Graphic Design instructors Kari, Ken, George, Janice and the advisors Guisselle Mejia Lobo and April Jones. And not to forget Mike from security who kept us all safe.
There were many more names, too long to list, that I am so grateful for.
It has been a privilege to know all these Light Warriors.
I am honored to have been apart of this chapter within our shared journey.
Now let’s turn the page and create something anew.
See you out there.
Terry Hrynyk
Program Coordinator-Photography
April 2022
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