With love and gratitude to Luci - my best friend and partner,
and to all that followed along. You made this project very worthwhile.
Dec 31, 2020
It didn’t start well.
On Jan 1, I forgot to take any photos so I started on Jan 2. 
That I had missed the first day bothered me for a long time, I don’t know why.
In the end I did post an image for Jan 1 also taken on Jan 2.
I really didn’t think I would see it through as I have never been very good at finishing what I start,
so that I am writing this on Dec. 31 feels good.
I went into it with a “let’s see if I can do this” attitude.
Given what 2020 brought, it was a good year to have this project.
I was inspired to do this by a former student who did two 365 projects producing a photoshop composite a day,
something which still amazes me.
My effort is a weak shadow by comparison.
There were days when I really didn’t enjoy the pressure of having to produce,
but then that’s true for a lot of things in life.
Don’t like it but it must be done anyway.
There were other days when I loved it, and very grateful for the distraction.
I really didn’t have a chance to appreciate what I was doing as it felt more like the need to complete the assignment.
I am looking forward to looking at the work and seeing what I created.
49,645 images - but I “saw” much more than I ever recorded.
I am now visually bored by my neighbourhood.
Looking forward to the day when it will be safe to travel.
A couple of months in I felt as though I finally understood what being a photographer means,
as I was “seeing” as I never have before.

I am happy that I was able to complete what I set out to do, but there were days when it was hard,
I am not sure sure how I will feel about it going forward.
As of today, I am tired, but perhaps this has more to do with the year than this project.
I am glad that I did it. I learned a lot, some of which I have yet to articulate and understand.
For the time being I wont be continuing this project, partly because I didn’t really enjoy the pressure
- but also because the Winter 2021 teaching semester will be very demanding and I don’t need more on my plate.

I am so grateful to everyone who followed along and offered feedback,
knowing that others appreciate your work is so rewarding and motivating.
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